Prym - Super Mini Rotary Cutter

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Slice with Precision: The Prym Super Mini Rotary Cutter for Quilters & Crafters!

Tired of uneven fabric cuts and frustrating snags? Introducing the Prym Super Mini Rotary Cutter, your ticket to millimetre-perfect precision and effortless cutting, even on the tightest curves!

Why quilters and crafters love it:

- Ultra-Precise Cuts: This pencil-sized cutter glides through fabric with ease, ensuring sharp, accurate cuts every time.
- Handles Any Curve: Tackle narrow curves, intricate appliqué shapes, and mini quilt pieces with confidence.
- Versatile and Smooth: Use it forwards or backwards for maximum control and minimal snags.
- Safe and Secure: The locking blade keeps it ready to use while preventing accidental cuts.
- OLFA Quality: Crafted with renowned OLFA quality, you can trust this cutter to deliver lasting performance.

Perfect for:
Patchwork and quilting enthusiasts
Appliqué artists
Miniature sewing projects
Anyone who demands precision cutting

Upgrade your cutting experience today! The Prym Super Mini Rotary Cutter is your essential tool for professional-looking, frustration-free cuts on any project.

Product details:

- Rotary cutter suitable for 18 mm blade
- Suitable for narrow curves, appliqué work
- Can be used forwards and backwards
- Absolutely ideal sewing accessory for sewing tasks.
- Suitable for right-handers and left-handers

- Colour: Yellow
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 18 mm