Prym - Handicraft Needles

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Conquer Coarse Fabrics & Tough Materials with Prym's Craft Needle Kit

Tackle any project with confidence! This versatile set of 5 Prym needles equips you for diverse craft challenges.

What's inside:

- Sack needle: Sew thick sacks and bags effortlessly.
- Carpet needle: Mend carpets and rugs with ease.
- Sail & tent needle: Repair sails, tents, and other heavy-duty fabrics.
- Leather needle: Pierce leather smoothly without tearing.
- Curved upholsterer's needle: Stitch upholstery expertly, reaching tight spaces.

Why you'll love it:

- Premium quality: Hardened steel construction for strength and durability.
- Large eyelet: Threading made easy, even with thick yarn.
- Task-specific tips: Sharp or curved options for optimal performance.
- All-in-one convenience: One kit covers multiple crafting needs.

Elevate your craft projects with Prym's essential needle set!

Product details:

- 5 handicraft needles for various applications
- Set includes sack needle, carpet needle, sail and tent needle, leather needle, upholsterer’s needle
- Made of hardened steel

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 5 pieces