Prym - Stitch Ripper

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Effortless Unpicking with the Prym.ergonomics Stitch Ripper

Experience the perfect blend of precision and comfort with the Prym.ergonomics stitch ripper. This essential tool is designed to make unpicking seams a breeze.

Key Features:

- Sharp Blade & Rounded Tip: Ensures clean and safe removal of stitches without damaging surrounding fabric.
- Ergonomic Handle: Soft, anti-slip grips provide exceptional comfort and reduce fatigue during extended use.
- Lengthening Feature: Attach the safety end cap to the handle for increased leverage when unpicking tough seams.
- Necklace Loop: Conveniently hang your stitch ripper around your neck for easy access.
- Visually Appealing: The sleek design combines functionality with aesthetics.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, the Prym.ergonomics stitch ripper is the perfect tool for all your unpicking needs.

Product details:

- Blade with rounded tip
- Anti-slip recessed grip for effortless work
- Handle is extended by the end cap
- Modern, ergonomic design
- Suitable for right-handers and left-handers

- Colour: Mint/Pink/Purple (variant dependant)
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Type: Large/Small (variant dependant)
- Size: 11.3/13.5 cm (variant dependant)