Prym - Iron-On Pattern Pen (Water-Erasable)

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Effortlessly Transfer Embroidery Designs with the Prym Iron-On Pen!

Tired of tracing and struggling with patterns? Say hello to the Prym Iron-On Pen, your new secret weapon for effortless embroidery pattern transfer on natural fabrics!

Here's why you'll love it:

- Simple transfer: Trace your embroidery design onto transparent paper, then flip it and trace again for perfect mirrored placement.
- Heat it up: Iron the paper onto your fabric with gentle pressure, and voilĂ ! Your design is ready to stitch.
- Washes away clean: Once you're finished, simply wash the fabric, and the pattern disappears like magic!

Perfect for:

- Natural fabrics: Works beautifully on cotton, linen, and other absorbent materials.
- Embroidery beginners: Easy to use and ensures accurate pattern placement.
- Experienced stitchers: Saves time and hassle, letting you focus on the fun part!


Test the pen and its removal on a scrap of fabric before use.
Not suitable for synthetics, blends, or silk.

Unlock your embroidery creativity with the Prym Iron-On Pen! Order yours today!

Product details:

- For ironing on embroidery patterns
- Washable marking pen
- Red cartridge, screw-in / -out

- Colour: Red
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece