Prym - Sewing Machines Threader

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Say Goodbye to Threading Frustration with Prym's 3-in-1 Threading Aid

Conquer your sewing machine needle in seconds with this innovative tool! Prym's threading aid combines three essential functions:

- Effortless Threading: The ingenious mechanism uses a spring-loaded pin to effortlessly thread even the finest needles. Hooks on the front and sides guide the thread smoothly through the eye.
- Easy Needle Insertion: Simply place the needle in the holder and push it into your machine's needle position - no more fumbling!
- Magnetic Convenience: The built-in magnet picks up dropped needles with ease, saving you time and frustration.

This versatile tool is crafted from high-quality plastic and boasts a stylish dark violet colour. Enjoy the convenience and confidence of Prym's 3-in-1 threading aid and get back to sewing what you love!

Product details:

- Easy threading of the sewing machine needle
- Well-designed mechanism
- With practical magnet
- Robust plastic

- Colour: Purple, White, Silver
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece