Prym - Sewing Needles

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Unleash Your Inner Seamstress

Discover the magic of hand sewing with Prym's sharps and betweens needles! Made of sturdy, burr-free steel, theyglide through fabric like a dream, thanks to their polished tips and smooth coating. No more bending or breaking, even with the fines needles, thanks to the balanced spring firmness. Plus, the comfortable head design makes them easy to handle, even without a thimble.

Sharps: Yourgo-to forgeneral sewing projects, these longer needles offer extragrip and control. Perfect for beginners or those who prefer a more tactile experience.

Betweens: Beloved by seasoned sewers for their speed and precision, these needles tackle intricate details with ease. Ideal for delicate work and adding fine finishing touches.

Find your perfect match with Prym's wide selection of individual sizes and assorted packs (no. 1 to no. 11). Start stitching your creative vision today!

Product details:

- For all conventional sewing work
- Sharps and betweens hand sewing needles
- Extra slim, special tapering tip shape
- Small eyes, do not leave any holes in the material
- Sizes: No. 1 to no. 11

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 16-20 pieces (variant dependant)