Prym - Chalk Pens and Brush

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Mark with Precision, Erase with Ease

Elevate your garment creation process with Prym's dressmaker's chalk pencils!

Effortless Marking:

- This essential tool allows for precise marking and tracing directly onto fabrics.
- The chalk tip ensures clear, accurate lines for perfect pattern transfer.

Easy Erasure:

- No more messy chalk residue! Each pencil features a convenient brush on the cap to easily remove markings once you're finished.

Variety for Every Project:

- Choose from single white pencils for a classic option.
- Opt for packs of 2 with contrasting blue or pink chalk for better visibility on various fabrics.
- The 4-pack offers the ultimate versatility with two white, one blue, and one pink pencil.

Protective Design:

- Each pencil comes with its own cap, keeping the chalk tip protected and preventing accidental marking.

Experience the convenience and control of Prym's dressmaker's chalk pencils!

Product details:

- Dressmaker’s chalk in pencil form
- Includes plastic brush for removing the markings
- Packets of 1, 2 and 4 available

- Colour: Variant dependant
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1/2/4 pieces (variant dependant)
- Size: 11 cm