Prym - Seam Guide for Seam Allowances

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Sew with Precision: Effortless Seam Allowances with Prym's Magnetic Guide

No more guesswork or inaccurate seams! Prym's Seam Allowance Guide is your secret weapon for perfect sewing results every time. This handy tool:

- Guarantees exact seam allowances: Simply attach the guide to your sewing machine's metal plate using its powerful magnet. Adjust the distance to your needle for your desired seam allowance (e.g., 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch).
- Acts as a reliable guide: Align your fabric edge with the guide and sew effortlessly - no need for additional markings or measuring tapes.
- Ensures consistent seams: Achieve perfectly parallel seams on hems, facings, and more, even for curves and corners.
- Made for durability: Crafted from sturdy steel with smooth, rounded edges, this guide withstands daily use.
- Easy to remove: When you're finished, simply detach the guide using the convenient tab on the back.

Upgrade your sewing experience with Prym's Seam Allowance Guide and enjoy the confidence of precise, professional-looking seams!

Product details:

- Guide for perfect compliance with the seam allowance
- Allows sewing parallel to the fabric edge without marking
- Magnet ensures reliable grip
- Made of sturdy burr free steel

- Colour: Silver
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- SIze: 3.5 cm