Prym - Sewing Machine Bobbins

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Experience Smooth Stitching with Prym's Rotary Bobbins!

Looking for the ultimate bobbin performance for your high-end or industrial sewing machine? Look no further than Prym's rotary bobbins! These robust and easy-care bobbins are specifically designed for rotary and double-rotary bobbin hook systems, commonly found in top-of-the-line sewing machines from brands like SINGER, DÜRR KOPP, PFAFF, and CHAMPION.

Here's why Prym's rotary bobbins are a perfect match:

- Enhanced durability: Choose between metal or transparent plastic bobbins. Metal offers superior longevity, while plastic provides a lightweight and affordable option. Both materials are built to withstand demanding sewing projects.
- Effortless maintenance: Enjoy the ease of use and simple maintenance that rotary bobbin systems offer.
- Clear visibility: Transparent plastic bobbins allow you to easily monitor your thread colour and quantity, ensuring seamless sewing transitions.
- Variety of options: Prym offers bobbins in packs of 5 (metal) or 4 (plastic) to suit your sewing needs.

Choose your ideal bobbin:

Metal Bobbins: Ideal for heavy-duty projects and frequent use.
Transparent Plastic Bobbins: Perfect for colour visibility and cost-effectiveness.

Upgrade your sewing experience with Prym's high-quality rotary bobbins and enjoy smooth, reliable stitching on every project!

Product details:

- Sewing machine bobbins for rotary bobbin hooks and double rotary bobbin hooks
- 21.2 mm, H 9,2 mm for small rotary bobbin hooks
- 21.9 mm, H 9 mm for double rotary bobbin hooks
- Pack sizes: 4 units of plastic or 5 units of metal

Colour: Silver/Transparent
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 4/5 pieces (variant dependant)
- Size: Variant dependant