Prym - Pattern Film (Self-Adhesive)

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Say Goodbye to Slipping Patterns with Prym's Self-Adhesive Tracing Sheets!

Tired of patterns shifting and sliding while you trace and cut? Introducing Prym's game-changing self-adhesive tracing sheets, your new best friend for flawless template creation!

Here's what makes them special:

- Stick & Stay: No more need for fiddly tapes or clips! The statically charged film adheres firmly to your pattern, eliminating slipping and ensuring precise tracing every time.
- Crystal Clear Visibility: Trace with confidence thanks to the fully transparent film. Easily see every detail and align your pattern perfectly with the fabric print.
- Cut with Ease: Once traced, simply cut along the lines for clean, accurate templates that won't let you down.
- Convenient Size: Each sheet measures 80cm x 60cm, offering ample space for most patterns. Plus, you get five sheets per roll, perfect for multiple projects.

Prym's Self-Adhesive Tracing Sheets are a must-have for any sewist looking for:

- Effortless pattern transfer
- Precise cutting templates
- Streamlined workflow and saved time

Upgrade your sewing experience today and say goodbye to pattern frustrations!

Product details:

- For creating and tracing patterns
- For transferring pattern templates
- The transparent nature of the paper allows the pattern to be exactly positioned on patterned material.
- Non-slip due to static charge
- 5 sheets 80 cm x 60 cm

- Colour: Transparent
- Sales unit: Roll
- Quantity: 5 sheets
- Size: 80 x 60 cm