Prym - Needle Grabber Silicone (M & L)

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Conquer Tough Fabrics with Ease: Prym's Silicone Needle Grabber

Struggling to pull your needle through thick layers of fabric? Say goodbye to finger pricks and hello to effortless sewing with Prym's innovative Silicone Needle Grabber!

This handy tool, available in stylish turquoise or pink, offers:

Powerful grip: Made from grippy silicone, it ensures a secure hold on your needle, even when pushing through multiple layers or sturdy fabrics.
Comfortable fit: Breathable slots and a front opening for long nails prevent sweaty fingers and allow for comfortable wear.
Versatile size: Each pack comes with two grabbers in sizes M and L, perfectly fitting your thumb and index or middle finger.

Perfect for:

- Quilters tackling thick batting and multiple layers
- Sewists working with heavy fabrics like denim or canvas
- Anyone who wants to avoid finger pricks and discomfort

Upgrade your sewing experience today! Prym's Silicone Needle Grabber makes even the toughest fabrics a breeze to handle.

Product details:

- Silicone thimbles for slip-free grabbing of needles
- Protects your fingers when sewing sturdy materials
- Breathing slots and recess for fingernail
- Grabber in turquoise or pink

- Colour: Pink/Turquoise (variant dependant)
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 2 pieces (M & L)
- Size: 14 mm; 19 mm