Prym - Sewing Machine Bobbins (CB Hooks)

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The Heart of Your Sewing Machine: The CB Bobbin Hook

The bobbin hook is a crucial component of any sewing machine, as it's responsible for interlacing the upper and lower threads to create the perfect seam. For decades, the CB hook for the central bobbin has been the go-to system for home sewing machines, thanks to its reliability and ease of use.
Prym CB Bobbins: Quality and Convenience

Prym offers a wide range of CB bobbins to suit your needs, available in both metal and transparent plastic. Both options have a diameter of 20.5 mm and a height of 11.7 mm, ensuring compatibility with most sewing machines. Metal bobbins offer superior durability, while transparent plastic bobbins allow you to monitor your thread color and quantity easily.

Key Features of Prym CB Bobbins:

- Wide compatibility: Fits most home sewing machines that use the CB hook system.
- Durable construction: Metal bobbins provide long-lasting performance, while plastic bobbins offer a lightweight and affordable option.
- Convenient sizes: Available in packs of 4 (plastic) or 5 (metal) for your sewing needs.
- Transparent option: See-through plastic bobbins allow you to easily check your thread colour and quantity.

Upgrade your sewing experience with Prym's high-quality CB bobbins!

Product details:

- Sewing machine bobbins for CB hooks
- Made of metal or transparent plastic
- Available in practical Prym bobbin box for every 12 units.
- Pack sizes: 4 units of plastic, 5 units of metal

- Colour: Silver/Transparent (variant dependant)
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 4/5 pieces (variant dependant)
- Size: 20.5 mm x 11.7 mm 20.5 mm, height 11.7 mm