Prym - Rotating Cutting Mat

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Streamline Your Workflow: The Prym Love Rotating Cutting Mat

Discover unmatched precision and ease in your patchwork, quilting, and crafting projects with the innovative Prym Love rotating cutting mat.

Smart Design Features:

- Wavy, non-slip edge: Effortlessly rotate the mat for optimal fabric positioning, eliminating the need to constantly adjust the material.
- Non-slip underside: Prevents the mat from shifting on your work surface, ensuring a stable base and accurate cutting.
- 35 cm diameter: Generous workspace easily handles larger projects.
- White metric scale in the signature Prym Love colour : Provides clear markings for precise measurements.

Experience a new level of convenience and efficiency with the Prym Love rotating cutting mat. Your projects will thank you!

Product details:

- Rotating cutting mat for patchwork, quilting, handicrafts
- Non-slip edge for optimum movement of the mat
- Centimetre scale
- Fast, safe cutting for small pieces
- Enables the fabric to be brought into the optimum position for working

- Colour: Mint
- Sales unit: Piece
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 35 cm