Prym - Needle Assortment Pack Hobby

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Unleash Your Creativity: All-in-One Needle Case for Sewing, Embroidery & Darning

Embark on endless projects with Prym's Hobby Needle Case! This comprehensive set equips you with 33 needles in various sizes, covering all your sewing, embroidery, and darning needs.

What you get:

- 25 Embroidery needles: Perfect for delicate designs with their sharp points.
- 3 Hand sewing needles: Tackle tougher fabrics with their sturdy construction.
- 2 Pearl sewing needles: Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your work.
- 3 Darning needles: Restore garments easily with their blunt points.


- Made from hardened steel for strength and flexibility.
- Burr-free, crafted silver eyes for effortless threading.
- Convenient case for easy storage and access.

This versatile set is your perfect sewing companion, empowering you to bring your creative vision to life!

Product details:

- Needle assortment with 33 hand-sewing, embroidery, darning, and pearl sewing needles
- Needles made of hardened steel
- 25 embroidery needles (with tip, without tip, and extra fine)
- 3 sewing and darning needles each
- 2 pearl sewing needles

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Piece
- Quantity: 33 pieces