Prym - Millinery Needles

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Conquer Costumes & Millinery with Precision

Elevate your creations with Prym's premium millinery needles! Ideal for thicker materials used in costume-making and millinery, these needles are longer and finer than standard hand-sewing needles, allowing for invisible stitches and flawless results. Crafted from hardened steel with a burr-free eye, they offer superior strength and smooth-gliding through fabrics. The polished tip and balanced spring stiffness ensure effortless penetration and control, even with delicate details. Choose from convenient packs of 16 (sizes 5-10) or 25 (sizes 7 or 9) and bring your costume and millinery visions to life!

Product details:

- Millinery needles for costume-making and millinery
- Needles made of hardened steel
- Extra-long hand sewing needles for firm materials

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 16 pieces
- Size: No. 5-10