Prym - Tailor's Chalk Slabs

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The Tailor's Trusted Marking Tool

Ensure accurate pattern transfers with Prym's traditional dressmaker's chalk!

A Timeless Essential:

- Dressmaker's chalk is a cornerstone tool used by tailors and seamstresses for generations.
- Prym offers high-quality chalk in convenient 50mm x 50mm slabs.

Variety for Every Project:
- Choose from single white slabs for a classic option.
- Opt for packs of two with contrasting colours (yellow and blue) for better visibility on various fabrics.
- For professional use, the pack of 25 offers a bulk supply in white only or a mix of white, yellow, and blue.

Marks and Removes with Ease:

- The chalk transfers clearly onto most fabrics, allowing for precise pattern marking.
- The markings are just as easy to remove with a light brushing, keeping your fabric clean.

Elevate your tailoring and sewing experience with Prym's trusted dressmaker's chalk!

Product details:

- Dressmaker’s chalk in white, yellow and blue
- Pack of two
- Also available in packs of 25 for professional use
- Can be used on almost all fabrics
- Sewing accessory for tracing and marking

- Colour: Blue/White/Yellow (variant dependant)
- Sales unit: Box/Carton (variant dependant)
- Quantity: 2/25 pieces (variant dependant)
- Size: 50 x 50 mm