Prym - Hobbyist Craft Needles

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Unleash Your Inner Craft Alchemist: Transform Materials with Prym's Magical Needle Wand!

This enchanting box of 6 Prym needles holds the power to transform even the toughest materials! Each one is a unique tool, ready to unleash your crafting magic.

Discover their magic:

- Mattress needle: Breathe new life into worn-out mattresses with a single stitch.
- Weaving needle: Weave intricate tapestries and rugs that tell stories.
- Packing needle: Craft chunky knits and cosy embellishments with ease.
- Tapestry needle: Bring vibrant designs to life on heavy fabrics.
- Leather needle: Like a needle-wielding wizard, sew leather projects with precision and finesse.
- Curved upholsterer's needle: Reach hidden corners and transform furniture into masterpieces.

With Prym's magical needle set, the only limit is your imagination! Start your crafting adventure today!

Product details:

- 6 hobbyist needles for various applications
- Made of hardened and stainless steel

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 6 pieces