Prym - Rotary Cutter Spare Blades

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Maintain Your Cutting Edge: Prym's Versatile Spare Blades

Keep your Prym rotary cutters performing at their best with high-quality replacement blades.

Here's what you need to know:

Compatibility: Choose from standard stainless steel blades for all Prym rotary cutters, or durable corrugated and serrated blades for specific models (Maxi, Maxi Easy, Comfort, Multi, and Omnicut).
Convenience: Order spare blades anytime for uninterrupted projects.
Safety & Precision: Replace blades regularly to prevent fatigue, inaccurate cuts, and damage to your cutting mat. Exercise caution when changing blades due to their sharpness.

Find the perfect spare blades to keep your Prym rotary cutters in peak condition!

Product details:

- Top quality stainless steel blades
- Standard, corrugated and serrated blades
- Extremely sharp blades
- In a practical plastic box

- Colour: Silver
- Sales unit: Card
- Type: Variant dependant
- Quantity: Variant dependant
- Size: 45 mm