Prym - Creative Sheet (Transparent)

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Unleash your crafting potential with the Prym Creative Sheet!

This versatile, 30cm x 60cm transparent plastic sheet is your key to endless creative possibilities. Its stable material lays flat and irons smooth, ready to be your trusty companion in various projects:

Bag making: Reinforce bag bottoms for added durability and structure.
Quilting: Craft unique quilt stencils by cutting the sheet into your desired shapes.
Reusable patterns: Design and cut your own reusable patterns for any sewing project.
Creative projects: Use the sheet for stencils, tracing, and more!

Beyond quilting and sewing:

- Mixed media art: Create unique textures and overlays in your artwork.
- Scrapbooking and journaling: Add dimension and personalised touches to your layouts.
- DIY home décor: Make one-of-a-kind stencils for painting or embellishing.

Lightweight, durable, and endlessly adaptable, the Prym Creative Sheet is a must-have for any crafter's toolbox. Let your imagination run wild and create something truly unique!

Product details:

- For creating individual stencils and pattern pieces
- 1 sheet 30 cm x 60 cm
- Suitable for reinforcing the bottom of bags
- Stable plastic stencil film

- Colour: Transparent
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- SIze: 30 x 60 cm