Prym - Universal LED Magnifying Gass

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Conquer Tiny Details with Prym's Illuminated Magnifying Glass!

Tired of squinting at intricate embroidery, minuscule stamps, or teeny-tiny text? Prym's Illuminated Magnifying Glass is your answer to effortless precision and clear vision.

See the Difference:

- Double the Detail: This powerful magnifying glass enlarges 4x, revealing every stitch, stamp detail, or line of text with exceptional clarity.
- Zoom in on Perfection: The included 8x lens lets you focus on the finest details with breathtaking precision.
- Flexible Illumination: The 180° rotating LED light shines exactly where you need it, casting an even glow on your work surface for optimal visibility.
- Hands-Free Convenience: Wear the adjustable bracket around your neck for complete freedom of movement, or use the stable table stand for hands-on work.
- Modern Technology: The efficient LED bulbs provide bright, natural-looking light while being energy-saving and long-lasting.

Perfect for:

- Embroidery and needlework
- Stamp collecting and other fine crafts
- Reading small print and documents
- Jewelry making and intricate repairs
- And much more!

Invest in your vision and your projects. The Prym Illuminated Magnifying Glass is a must-have for anyone who demands precision and comfort in their work.

Additional Information:
Batteries (4x AA) not included.
Optional adapter socket for power supply (max. 3 volts).
WEEE-Reg.Nr. DE 71240936

Get yours today and experience the joy of clear, illuminated crafting!

Product details:

- Long life from LED bulbs
- Lights and integral additional lenses rotate through 180°
- With bracket for standing or hanging light
- Big lens with 2x magnification and additional lens with 8x magnification

- Colour: Dark Violet, Grey
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 140 x 300 mm