Prym - Bodkins

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Effortless Cord & Elastic Insertion with Prym Bodkins

Saygoodbye to wrestling with elastic and cords! Prym's bodkins, crafted from hardened steel or refined brass, make inserting them into waistbands, hood tunnels, and other areas a breeze.

Choose your perfect match:

Brass Bodkin: This needle features a unique split shank and spherical tip, perfect for capturing and pulling tapes through tunnels securely.
Stainless Steel Bodkin: This flat, wide needle boasts a long, round eye ideal for thick yarns and tapes, with a smaller option for finer yarns and o-rings.

Unmatched Features:

- Burr-free, rounded tips:glide effortlessly through fabric loops and tubes without snags or damage.
- Balanced spring stiffness: Ensures smooth, controlled operation, even with thick materials.
- Smooth surface: Minimises friction for effortless insertion.

Prym's bodkins are professional tools for anyone who wants to:

- Create comfortable waistbands with ease.
- Thread drawstrings through hoods and other channels quickly.
- Securely attach cords and ribbons to projects.

Upgrade your crafting experience with Prym bodkins!

Product details:

- Needle for inserting elastic tapes and cords
- With rounded tips
- Made of hardened steel and coated brass
- Flexible and stable at the same time

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 2 pieces
- Size: 70 mm