Prym - Zip Fastener Foot for Sewing Machine

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Zip It Up with Confidence: Prym's Magical Zipper Feet: Forget zipper frustration!

Prym's zipper feet are here to unleash your sewing magic.

- Standard Zipper Foot: This sturdy hero tackles standard zippers with ease on most sewing machines, making them a breeze to install.
- Invisible Zipper Foot: This ingenious tool is your secret weapon for creating seamless invisible zippers. It magically adapts to fit Elna, Pfaff, Singer, Master, Bernina, Privileg, Universal, and even slanted needle machines. Its smooth white sled guides your fabric like a dream, ensuring invisible zippers that disappear like magic.

Product details:

- For easy sewing of zip fasteners
- Standard foot made of die-cast steel and zinc for machines with clip foot
- Special foot made of plastic with 3 different sized adapters for various models and brands

- Sales unit: Card
- Colour: Silver
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 92 x 65 mm