Prym - Tracing Wheel

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Effortless Pattern Transfer with Prym.ergonomics Tracing Wheels!

Streamline your pattern transfer process with Prym.ergonomics tracing wheels! These versatile tools offer two options for precise marking:

- Solid Lines: The smooth tracing wheel creates a clean, unbroken line for clear and accurate pattern transfer.
- Dotted Lines: Choose the Prym toothed tracing wheel to create dotted lines on fabric or paper, perfect for marking seam allowances or other details.

Built for Smooth Performance:

- Quiet Operation: Enjoy the quiet and smooth running of both tracing wheels, ensuring a pleasant sewing experience.
- Effortless Maneuvering: The wheels glide effortlessly along any line, making pattern transfer a breeze.

Transfer Anything, Anywhere:

- Versatility: Use the tracing wheel with tracing paper to transfer marks onto fabric, even in intricate areas like tucks or pocket placements.
- Precise Detailing: Whether you need solid lines for main patterns or dotted lines for seam allowances, Prym tracing wheels offer the perfect solution.

Elevate your sewing workflow with the efficiency and precision of Prym.ergonomics tracing wheels!

Product details:

- To transfer patterns on dressmaker’s pattern paper or fabric
- Quiet operation through perfectly conditioned wheel
- Ergonomic grip for fatigue-free working
- Awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2010

- Colour: Dark Violet, White
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Type: Smooth/Toothed (variant dependant)
- Size: 14.6 cm