Prym - Sewing, Embroidery and Darning Needles

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Sewing & Darning Essentials in One Tin: Prym's All-Purpose Needle Kit

This handy tin holds everything you need for sewing, embroidery, darning, and even crafting! With 24 or 30 needles in various sizes, you'll have the perfect tool for any task. The included pearl needles are ideal for delicate work, while the sturdy assortment covers general sewing and repairs.

Here's why you'll love it:

Complete selection: 24 or 30 needles in various sizes for all your sewing needs.
Premium quality: Made from durable steel with smooth, burr-free eyes for effortless threading and stitching.
Compact & organised: Convenient tin keeps your needles safe and easily accessible.
Easy storage: Lateral opening in the lid allows for easy needle removal and secure storage.
Versatile: Perfect for sewing, embroidery, darning, crafting, and appliqué work.

Prym's needle tin: your one-stop shop for sewing and crafting essentials!

Product details:

- Needle assortment with 30 hand sewing, embroidery, and darning needles
- Or assortment with 24 hand sewing, embroidery, darning, and pearl sewing needles
- Needles made of hardened steel with a silver eye
- Pearl sewing needles made of flexible, stable spring steel
- Round needle tin made of plum and transparent plastic

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 24/30 pieces (variant dependant)