Prym - Tailor's Chalk Slab with Holder

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The Classic Tool with a Modern Touch

Tailors and seamstresses have long relied on dressmaker's chalk for precise and temporary marking. Prym takes this classic tool to the next level with innovative features:

Clean and Convenient:

- The non-slip plastic box keeps your fingers free of chalk dust while protecting the chalk slab.
- The lower half securely holds the chalk, preventing breakage and mess.

Sharp Every Time:

- A small, integrated V-shaped blade on the lid sharpens the chalk, ensuring crisp and accurate marking lines.

Experience the timeless tradition of dressmaker's chalk with the added convenience and cleanliness of Prym's modern design.

Product details:

- Dressmaker’s chalk with non-slip holder
- V-shaped blade for sharpening the chalk slab
- Lid to seal the chalk securely
- For tracing and marking

- Colour: White
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 44 x 44 mm