Prym - Laundry Marking Tape (Iron-On)

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Say Goodbye to Laundry Mix-Ups with Prym Marking Tape!

Tired of sorting through a clothing jungle? Stop the laundry chaos with Prym's easy-to-use marking tape! This soft, pure cotton tape lets you clearly label every family member's clothes, ensuring socks stay paired and uniforms never get lost.

Here's why you'll love it:

- Personalised labelling : Cut the tape to any size, write names with the handy Prym marking pen (sold separately), and simply iron it on! Label waistbands, collars, or anywhere discreet.
- Durable & Wash-Resistant: Made from high-quality cotton, the tape withstands even hot washes (up to 95°C). No more fading or peeling, just clear identification even after countless cycles.
- Family-Friendly & Safe: Gentle on sensitive skin, the cotton material is perfect for kids' clothes and delicate fabrics.

Prym Marking Tape - the simple solution for stress-free laundry and happy families!

Product details:

- For lettering on clothing
- Red or black permanent marker
- Also available as a laundry marking set
- Pure cotton
- Washable up to 95 degrees

- Colour: White
- Sales unit: Card
- Size: 11 mm x 3 m