Prym - Spring Tape Measure

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Prym Spring Tape Measures: Handy Helpers for All Your Measuring Needs

Prym offers a range of spring tape measures in various lengths to suit your crafting and sewing projects. Choose from the MINI (60"/150cm), MAXI (60"/150cm), or JUMBO (120"/300cm) depending on your needs.

Features that make them stand out:

- Dual Scales: Choose between metric or imperial measurements on both sides or just centimeters on the front and inches on the back, for ultimate flexibility.
- Lock and Release: Hold measurements in place with the handy retention mechanism. Simply press a button to retract the tape smoothly back into its casing.
- Easy Handling: The compact design and comfortable grip make these tape measures a pleasure to use.
_ Durable Build: Made with quality materials for long-lasting use.

Perfect for:

- Sewing and tailoring: Accurately measure fabrics, seams, and body dimensions.
- Handicrafts: Take precise measurements for quilts, knitting projects, and more.
- DIY projects: Ensure everything is aligned and sized correctly.

No matter what you're creating, Prym's spring tape measures offer the perfect blend of functionality and convenience. Choose the size that fits your projects best and get ready to measure with ease!

Product details:

- Sleek design
- White/yellow tape with scale in cm
- Easily and accurately readable

- Colour: Variant dependant
- Sales unit: Card
- Variant: cm/cm or cm/inch scale (variant dependant)
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 150 cm x 10 mm x 0.3 mm inch/cm