Prym - Needle Assortment

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Sewing and Darning Made Easy with Prym's Needle Assortments

Prym offers a wide variety of 29 sewing and darning needle assortments to equip you for any sewing or mending project. Each set includes a variety of needle sizes to handle different fabrics and tasks, as well as a convenient needle threader to help you get started quickly.

Here's what makes Prym's needle assortments special:

- High-quality needles: Made from hardened steel, these needles are strong and durable, ensuring smooth stitching and precise results.
- Crafted, burr-free eyes: The needles have smooth, burr-free eyes that won't snag or damage your thread, making threading easier.
- Variety of sizes: Each set includes a selection of needle sizes to suit different fabrics and projects, from delicate silks to heavy-duty canvas.
- Convenient threader: The included threader is a handy tool that makes it easy to thread even the smallest needles.
- Compact and portable: The needle cases are small and lightweight, making them perfect for storing in your sewing kit or taking on the go.

With Prym's needle assortments, you'll have the right needles for any sewing or mending job, all in one convenient package.

Product details:

- Needle assortment with 29 hand sewing and darning needles
- Needles made of hardened, rust-protected steel
- Aluminium and spring steel threaders

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Piece
- Quantity: 1/29 pieces (variant dependant)