Prym - Hand Gauge

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Your Mini Measuring Mastermind for Sewing Precision

Forget bulky rulers and scrambling for measurements! The Prym Hand Gauge is your compact solution for accurate measuring right at your sewing machine.

Here's why you'll love it:

- Mini Powerhouse: Lightweight yet sturdy, this flexible plastic gauge fits comfortably in your hand and clings perfectly to fabric and patterns.
- Precise Measurements: Dual-sided centimetre scales ensure accuracy, with one side featuring a handy stitch length control for consistent stitching.
- Marking Made Easy: Built-in notches let you mark perfect 90° angles, simplifying seam allowances and hems.
- Choice for Every Crafter: Available in two sizes (4cm x 11.5cm and 4.5cm x 23cm), choose the one that best suits your sewing style.
- Sewing Basket Must-Have: This versatile tool keeps measurements close at hand, saving time and frustration.

Perfect for:

- Precise seam allowances: Ensure consistent widths for flawless finishes.
- Marking hems and pleats: Create even lines with the help of the 90° angle guide.
- Measuring fabric lengths: Get accurate cuts every time with the centimetre scale.
- Adding stitch control: Maintain consistent stitch lengths for professional-looking results.

Upgrade your sewing experience with the Prym Hand Gauge - your mini measuring maestro!

Product details:

- Handy measuring tool in a variety of sizes
- For use directly on the sewing machine
- Made of flexible plastic
- Marking aid for 90° angles
- Notches make accurate marking possible.

- Colour: Variant dependant
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Sales unit: Card/Piece (variant dependant)
- Size: Variant dependant