Prym - Seam Gauge

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Get Perfect Seams Every Time with the Handy Prym Seam Gauge!

This durable aluminum seam gauge is your secret weapon for precise and consistent seams in all your sewing, quilting, and knitting projects.

Here's why you'll love it:

- Exact measurements guaranteed: Easily trace seam widths from 1-6 cm with clear markings, ensuring uniformity in necklines, armholes, buttonholes, side seams, and more.
- Marking made easy: No more guesswork! Mark seam allowances directly on patterns, tablecloths, or curtains with confidence.
- Streamlined workflow: Quickly iron and sew without delays, thanks to the heat-resistant aluminum that allows ironing right over the gauge.
- Versatile for all crafts: Perfect for dressmaking, quilting, knitting, and any other project requiring accurate seams.
- Long-lasting quality: Made with sturdy aluminum, this gauge is built to last through countless projects.

Say goodbye to uneven seams and hello to sewing with confidence! Order your Prym Seam Gauge today!

Product details:

- Seam gauge of aluminium
- Marking aid for seams, angles and buttonholes
- Stable, durable and can be ironed
- With hole for hanging

- Colour: Silver
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 40 x 104 mm