Prym - Weaving and Packing Needles

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Unleash Your Inner Textile Titan: Master Coarse Fabrics with Magic Needles!

Fear not, intrepid crafter! These enchanting Prym needles hold the key to conquering even the toughest textiles. Crafted from hardened steel, they're your secret weapon for jute, wool, linen, and more.

Discover their magic:

- Weaving whispers: The rounded tip glides through fibers like a dream, leaving delicate fabrics unharmed.
- Thick yarn taming: No more yarn struggles! The large eyelet lets you thread even the bulkiest yarns with ease.
- Piercing power: Tackle thick materials with confidence! The flattened spear tip conquers tough fabrics, perfect for heavy-duty projects.
- Professional polish: The smooth surface and burr-free eye ensure flawless stitching and prevent thread disasters.

Embrace the magic of Prym's weaving and packing needles, and let your textile adventures soar!

Product details:

- For sewing jutes, wool and coarse linen
- With rounded tip and curved spear tip
- Made of hardened steel

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 2 pieces
- Size: 2.35 mm x 15 cm