Prym - Care Set for Sewing Machines

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Keep Your Sewing Machine Purring with Prym's Maintenance Set!

Say goodbye to frustrating machine malfunctions and hello to smooth, effortless sewing with Prym's essential maintenance set! This handy kit equips you with everything you need to keep your sewing machine running like new:

Two Sturdy Screwdrivers:

- Crafted from durable steel with comfortable plum blue handles.
- Available in 2mm and 5mm slot widths for tackling various adjustments.
- Offer excellent grip for effortless tightening and loosening of screws.

Gentle Cleaning Brush:

- Features soft, fine nylon bristles that effectively remove dust and lint without damaging delicate parts.
- Wide 25mm head effortlessly covers larger areas.
- Stylish, shapely brass handle provides comfortable control.
- The nylon bristles are easily washable, allowing you to maintain hygiene and prevent oil buildup.


- Preventative maintenance: Regularly caring for your machine extends its lifespan and prevents costly repairs.
- Multi-purpose: Perfect for adjusting tension, cleaning feed dogs, and performing other essential tasks.
- High quality: Durable tools built to last.
- Convenient: Compact and portable, perfect for stashing in your sewing kit.

Upgrade your sewing experience with Prym's maintenance set and enjoy flawless stitches for years to come!

Product details:

- For cleaning and maintenance of the sewing machine
- Soft nylon brush with brass handle
- 2 sturdy screwdrivers with plastic handles
- Slot widths: 2mm and 5mm

- Colour: Multicoloured
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 set