Prym - Marking Pencil (Water-Erasable)

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Say Goodbye to Frustrating Fabric Marking!

Struggling to see stencil and pattern markings on dark fabrics? Meet the Prym White Marking Pencil, your new secret weapon for clear and easy-to-see lines!

For dark fabrics: This pen creates bold, white markings that stand out beautifully, making tracing and cutting a breeze.
For lighter fabrics: Need temporary markings that vanish easily? The Prym Marking Pencil is your answer! It washes away with just water, leaving no trace behind.

Prym Marking Pencil offer:

- Water-based ink: Safe for most fabrics and gentle on your skin.
- Sharpenable: Keep your lines precise and crisp with a standard pencil sharpener.
- Reusable: Get the most out of your pens by simply sharpening them when needed.

Perfect for:

- Sewing and quilting: Trace patterns with confidence on any fabric colour.
- Stenciling: Create crisp designs without smudging or bleeding.
- Handcrafts and DIY: Mark and measure your projects with ease.

Don't let fabric colour limit your creativity! Get your Prym Marking Pencils today and experience the joy of effortless marking.

Product details:

- For transferring stencils, quilting and sewing patterns
- Washable marking pencil
- White for dark fabrics
- Silver for light-coloured fabrics

- Colour: White
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece