Prym - Sewing Machine Bobbins (Horizontal Gripper)

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Unleash Your Inner Sewing Zen with Prym's Crystal Clear Bobbins

Are you tired of constantly worrying about lower thread failure? Say goodbye to your troubles with the horizontal bobbin hook sewing machine system. This revolutionary system operates without a bobbin case and requires low thread tension. The Prym range offers packs of four identical bobbins made of transparent plastic in three different sizes for machines with this bobbin type. You'll never have to worry about sudden thread depletion as plastic bobbins allow you to see the thread's colour and remaining quantity. These superior quality sewing machine bobbins are available for JANOME, BROTHER, SINGER, BERNINA, HUSQVARNA, and PFAFF brands in corresponding versions.

But wait, it gets even better! The Apollo is another fantastic horizontal bobbin hook system that doesn't require a bobbin case and operates with low thread tension. Prym offers an assorted pack of four corresponding bobbins made of transparent plastic for SINGER brand machines with the special Apollo bobbin hook. Plastic bobbins give you a clear overview of the thread's colour and remaining quantity, preventing sudden thread depletion. Keep in mind that it's essential to consider the material when selecting a bobbin hook, as not doing so can result in rapid wear in the bobbin or hook. Choose wisely!

With Prym's transparent bobbins, you'll enjoy uninterrupted sewing and perfect colour coordination every time!

Product details:

- 20.50 mm, H 11.50 mm for JANOME / BROTHER / SINGER (except Apollo hook)
- 21.20 mm, H 9.20 mm for BERNINA DECO / BROTHER Star
- 21.60 mm, H 10.40 mm for HUSQVARNA and PFAFF
- Through transparent plastic a good overview of thread colour and quantity remaining.

- Colour: Transparent
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 4 pieces
- Size: Variant dependant