Prym - Magnetic Arm Pin Cushion

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Never Lose a Pin Again! Prym's Magnetic Arm Pin Cushion: Your Handy Stitch Buddy

Say goodbye to scattered pins and fumbling fingers! Prym's Love range introduces the magnetic arm pin cushion, a game-changer for any crafter. This nifty tool ensures your metal essentials – sewing needles, pins, even knitting accessories – stay conveniently close at hand, right where you need them.

Here's why you'll love it:

Powerful magnet: The brushed stainless steel plate with an integrated magnet keeps your metal tools securely attached. No more worries about losing them mid-project.
Universal comfort: The flexible, high-quality silicone strap fits any wrist perfectly, offering comfortable wear throughout your crafting session.
Increased efficiency: No more time wasted searching for pins! This handy cushion keeps everything within easy reach, boosting your productivity and reducing frustration.
Stylish design: The vibrant pink strap adds a touch of personality to your crafting space.

Perfect for:

- Sewers of all levels
- Knitters and crocheters
- Jewelry makers and other craft enthusiasts

Experience the joy of organised crafting! Prym's magnetic arm pin cushion is your essential companion for keeping your workspace tidy and your creativity flowing.

Product details:

- Arm pin cushion with magnetic metal plate
- Storage of pins, sewing needles, etc.
- Flexible silicone bracelet
- Easy to use

- Colour: Dark Violet/Pink (variant dependant)
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 240 x 55 mm