Prym - Quilter's Finger Guard

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Ditch the Thimble Pain, Embrace Sewing Comfort!

Forget thimbles that dig and pinch! Prym's innovative Quilter's Finger Guard shields your finger from painful needle pricks while sewing or quilting, especially when working with bulky layers.

Here's why you'll love it:

Ultimate protection: Say goodbye to sore fingers and hello to comfortable sewing!
Adaptable fit: Simply dip the guard in hot water for a few seconds and mould it perfectly to your finger.
Versatile use: Great for quilting, but also shines in any sewing project with thick fabrics.

Unlike traditional thimbles, Prym's guard:

- Won't restrict finger movement: Maintain dexterity and control while you sew.
- Offers gentle cushioning: Provides added comfort for extended sewing sessions.
- Comes in one size: Adapts to any finger for a personalised fit.

Ready to experience sewing bliss? Ditch the thimble discomfort and grab Prym's Quilter's Finger Guard today!

Product details:

- Protects the fingers under the needlework
- Flexible plastic
- Adjustable in size with boiling water

- Colour: White
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: Adjustable