Prym - Beading Needles

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Embellish with Confidence

Introducing Prym's ultra-fine pearl sewing needles! Designed for delicate tasks like sewing on beads, appliqués, and pearl embroidery, these needles feature an incredibly small eye and are crafted from thin, flexible spring steel. But don't worry about bending or breakage - their balanced structure ensures stability for precise stitching. Choose from convenient pre-sorted packs (sizes 10 & 12) or individual sizes to find your perfect match. Let your creativity shine with Prym's pearl sewing needles!

Product details:

- Ultra-fine hand sewing needles for sewing pearls and rhinestones
- Extra-long, sleek form
- Made of spring steel
- Sizes: No. 10/0.45 x 55mm or no. 12/0.4 x 50 mm
- 4 needles in a self-service card or 25 needles in an envelope

- Colour: Silver
- Quantity: 4 pieces
- Sale unit: Card