Prym - Dressmaking Pattern Paper

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Unleash Your Inner Seamstress with Prym Pattern Paper!

Whether you're a sewing newbie or a seasoned stitcher, the right pattern paper can make all the difference. Prym offers two fantastic options to keep your projects running smoothly:

1. Classic Dressmaking Pattern Paper:

- Perfect for: Transferring patterns and creating cutting templates with ease.
- Why you'll love it: Semi-transparent for clear visibility, 1m x 10m roll for large projects, and unflinching to withstand tracing and cutting.

2. Screened Dressmaking Pattern Paper with Printed Scale:

- Perfect for: Taking your creativity a step further – enlarge patterns, create custom motifs, and let your imagination flow!
- Why you'll love it: Same great translucent quality, with the added bonus of a printed scale for accurate measuring and adjustments.

Both options come in a generous 1m x 10m roll, no pesky folds to contend with!

Start your next sewing adventure with Prym Pattern Paper – the perfect foundation for flawless creations!

Product details:

- For creating and tracing patterns
- Semi-transparent tissue paper
- Roll, 1 m x 10 m
- Neutral or with printed pattern
- Enlarge patterns with ease

- Colour: White
- Sales unit: Roll
- Quantity: 1 roll
- Type: Variant dependant
- Size:10 x 1 m