Prym - Sewing Machine Needles (Universal SUPER)

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Conquer Sticky Situations with the SUPER Universal Needle!

Tired of skipped stitches and thread breaks when working with sticky materials like embroidery interfacing, hook & loop tape, or Prym adhesives? The SUPER Universal Needle is your solution!

What makes it SUPER?

- Anti-adhesive coating: Say goodbye to sticky messes! The special coating prevents adhesive residue from clinging to the needle, ensuring smooth sewing and perfect stitches.
- Extra large eye: Embroidery enthusiasts rejoice! This needle glides effortlessly through thicker threads and embellishments, making your projects a breeze.
- Advanced flute and eye design: No more missed stitches! The unique geometry optimises thread flow and prevents frustrating skips. Slightly rounded point: Versatile enough for most materials, from delicate fabrics to thicker denim.
- Strong, conical shaft: Conquer heavyweight fabrics like denim with ease.
- Wide range of sizes: Choose the perfect needle for your project, from light silks (size 70) to heavy denim (size 100).
- Universal fit: Flat shank ensures compatibility with all commercially available sewing machines.

Experience the SUPER difference!

- Effortless sewing on sticky materials.
- Perfect stitches for flawless embroidery.
- Increased durability for heavyweight projects.
- Versatility for a wide range of fabrics.

Upgrade your sewing experience with the SUPER Universal Needle!

Product details:

- Anti-adhesive coating ensures smooth gliding
- Extra large eye (70 SUPER = 90 standard) suitable for embroidery
- No stitches missed due to the special flute and eye geometry
- Also suitable for heavy fabrics like denim

- Colour: Silver
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 5 pieces Dimensionsno. 75-100