Prym - Pin Cushion for Kids

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Sew Fun and Safe with Prym for Kids Pincushions!

Spark your little dressmaker's imagination with the adorable "Mouse" and "Turtle" pincushions from Prym for Kids! These playful pals are more than just cute - they're practical and safety-conscious too:

Inspire Creativity:

- Charming designs: The vibrant black, white, and red floral pattern instantly grabs kids' attention and fuels their sewing enthusiasm.
- Fun characters: Choose from a mischievous mouse or a friendly turtle, each adding a touch of whimsy to their sewing station.

Promote Safety:

- Keep it tidy: No more scattered pins! These pincushions provide a safe and dedicated spot for pins, preventing accidents in your child's sewing area.
- Peace of mind: You can relax knowing your little one's sewing adventures are safe and pin-free.

More Than Just Kid Stuff:

- Durable and functional: Made with high-quality materials, these pincushions are built to last and withstand even the most enthusiastic sewing sessions.
- Appealing to all: The stylish design isn't just for kids! Adults can enjoy these charming pincushions too, adding a touch of personality to their sewing space.

Give the gift of safe and creative sewing! Prym for Kids pincushions are the perfect way to nurture your child's love for sewing while keeping them safe.

Product details:

- Attractive pincushion for children
- Mouse or turtle
- Ensures safety at the sewing station of Kids
- Cover made of 100% cotton

- Colour: Multi-Coloured
- Sales unit: Piece
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Design: Mouse/Tortoise (variant dependant)
- Size: Variant dependant