Prym - Art Knife

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Your All-Purpose Craft Companion

Tackle any cutting challenge with the versatile Prym art knife. Featuring a balanced design, comfortable non-slip grip, and three specialised blades, this lightweight tool excels in precision and ease of use.

Unleash Your Creativity:

- Effortlessly cut through paper, card, leather, plastic, and more.
- Three included blades:
Plane and chisel blade: Ideal for general cutting and shaping.
Slicing blade: Perfect for intricate details and delicate cuts.
Precision blade: Ensures razor-sharp lines and clean edges.
- Safe and convenient: Blades come securely packaged in a practical box.
- Doubles as a carving tool: Expand your artistic possibilities.

Experience the precision and versatility of the Prym art knife for flawless results in all your crafting endeavours.

Product details:

- Exact cutting of paper, card, leather or plastic
- 3 specialist blades for difficult cuts
- Anti-slip handle
- Carving tool

- Colour: Yellow
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size: 18 cm