Prym - Tapestry Needles (Blunt Point)

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Embroider with Confidence on Coarse Fabrics

Prym's Tapestry Needles: Tackle thick materials like wool with ease using these innovative tapestry needles! Their unique, rounded tip gently pushes aside fibers, preventing snags and damage. Crafted from burr-free hardened steel, they offer superior strength and flexibility for smooth stitching. The large eye accommodates even the thickest yarns, while the balanced length and strength ensure comfortable use. Choose from individual sizes (14-26) or convenient assortments to find your perfect match. Experience the joy of effortless embroidery with Prym's tapestry needles!

Product details:

- Needles for coarse embroidery
- The rounded tip protects the fibers of the material
- Also suitable for sewing wool
- Needles made of hardened steel
- Sizes: No. 14-26 and in 3 assortments

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 6 pieces
- Size: Variant dependant