Prym - Stencil Set

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Dive into Patchwork with Ease: Prym's Beginner Stencil Set!

Calling all quilting newbies! Want to master classic patchwork patterns without the hassle? Prym's Beginner Stencil Set is your key to unlocking beautiful, precise quilts and cushions.

What's inside:

- 6 stencils: A square and matching triangle stencil, each in 3 sizes (2", 2.8", 4").
- Simple instructions: 5 easy steps guide you through the process.
- 10 popular designs: Learn Card Trick, Spinning Geese, Waterwheel, Double T and more!

Why it's perfect for beginners:

- No guesswork: Stencils ensure accurate shapes every time.
- Multiple sizes: Choose the scale that fits your project perfectly.
- Time-saving: Focus on creativity, not tedious measuring.
- Variety of patterns: Master different styles with ease.

Ready to unleash your inner quilter? Grab the Prym Beginner Stencil Set and watch your patchwork creations come to life!

Product details:

- Patchwork stencils for patchwork quilts and cushions
- A square and a matching triangle in each of 3 different sizes
- Stable plastic
- Complete instructions included

- Colour: Transparent
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 set