Prym - Cartridge Pencil Set

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The Versatile Prym Chalk Cartridge Pen: Mark Anything with Ease!

Tired of messy chalk sticks? Unleash your creativity with the Prym Chalk Cartridge Pen – a refillable marking tool perfect for all your crafting and hobby needs!

Marks Like a Dream:

- Use it for tracing, writing, and marking on almost any surface – fabric, paper, wood, plastic, and more!
- Ideal for sewing, quilting, crafting, model building, and countless other projects.

Precise or Dotted? You Decide:

- The refillable cartridge allows for both precise line markings and dotted lines for added versatility.

Clean and Convenient:

- The built-in eraser cartridge lets you easily remove markings when needed.
- Cartridges are economical and come in a protective package for safe storage.

The Set Includes:

- Refillable cartridge holder with one white cartridge pre-loaded
- 8 additional white chalk cartridges
- 8 colored chalk cartridges
- Special sharpener for the chalk cartridges

Experience the clean, convenient, and versatile marking power of the Prym Chalk Cartridge Pen!

Product details:

- Chalk cartridge holder with eraser cartridge
- 8 white and 8 coloured chalk cartridges
- Tracing and marking on almost all surfaces

- Colour: Assorted Colours
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 set
- Size: 3.8 mm