Prym - Snap Fasteners (Colour)

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Versatile and Discreet: Plastic Sew-On Snap Fasteners

Discover the ultimate all-purpose fastening solution with these transparent plastic snap fasteners. Perfect for a wide range of applications, they offer both functionality and a seamless look.


- Invisible Design: Their clear construction makes them ideal for projects where you want discreet fastenings, like pillows or bedding.
- Widely Applicable: Use them on clothing, home textiles, crafts, or even camping gear.
- Durable: Made from high-quality, unbreakable plastic for long-lasting use.
- Lightweight and Versatile: Suitable for delicate fabrics and baby clothing.
- Easy to Apply: Four slots on each fastener ensure secure attachment.
- Washable: Withstand temperatures up to 95 degrees.

Choose these plastic sew-on snap fasteners for your next project and enjoy reliable, discreet fastenings in various sizes.

Product details:

- Light plastic sew-on snap fasteners
- Versatile in use - from baby clothing to bed linen
- Unbreakable, transparent plastic

- Colour: Black/Transparent/White
- Sales unit: Card/Carton (variant dependant)
- Quantity: Varient dependant
- Size: Variant dependant