Prym - Cone and Spool Stand

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Say Goodbye to Thread Frustration: Unleash the Power of Large Bobbins!

Do you love to sew but hate constantly stopping to rethread your machine? The Prym cone and spool stand is your answer!

This heavy-duty stand, featuring a cast iron foot and steel fixing rod, securely holds large cone-shaped bobbins, perfect for fast sewing with minimal thread interruptions. Whether you're working on a complex quilt or a speedy garment, the stand ensures a consistent flow of thread, eliminating the need for frequent rethreading.

Here's why you'll love it:

- Effortless sewing: Enjoy the freedom of working with large bobbins, preventing annoying thread shortages and wasted time.
- Clean unwinding: The stand ensures smooth thread unwinding, even at high speeds, preventing snags and frustration.
- Ideal for all projects: Perfect for any sewing project, from intricate quilting to fast garment construction.
- Adjustable tension: Maintain the perfect thread tension for flawless stitching thanks to the stand's adjustable design.
- Sturdy and stable: The cast iron base and steel fixing rod provide maximum stability, even when using heavy bobbins.

Unleash your sewing creativity with the Prym cone and spool stand! Invest in uninterrupted stitching and focus on what truly matters - your passion for sewing.

Product details:

- Holder for larger spools and cones
- Booms for guiding the thread and maintaining the thread tension
- Cast iron foot
- Fixing rod and metal booms
- Also suitable for use on overlock machines

- Colour: Silver, Black
- Sales unit: Piece
- Quantity: 1 piece
- Size:12 cm x 39 cm