Prym - Household Needles

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Unlock your inner sewing superhero!

Prym's magical needle assortment equips you for any sewing or embroidery adventure. This 12-piece set features hand sewing and darning needles crafted from sturdy, rust-resistant steel. Experience the joy of smoothgliding with their burr-free eye, finger-friendly head, and polished surface. Their sleek, tapered tips effortlessly conquer any fabric, while the balanced spring stiffness ensures precise control and prevents even the finest needles from becoming casualties of your creativity. So,grab your thread, unleash your imagination, and let Prym's needle assortmentguide you to sewing bliss!

Product details:

- Needle assortment
- Consisting of 12 hand sewing and darning needles
- Suitable for all sewing and darning work
- Needles made of hardened steel

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 12 pieces