Prym - Felting Needles Handle Set

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Craft Felting Magic with Prym's Multi-Faceted Handle Set

Unleash your creativity with the magic of Prym's felting handle set! This innovative tool transforms from a single-needle artist's dream to a multi-needle felting force, all thanks to its modular design. Simply click the components together to create the perfect tool for your project, whether it's intricate details or bold shaping. Featuring a comfortable grip and a protective cap, this award-winning set empowers you to felt with confidence and ease. So grab your wool, let your imagination soar, and experience the transformative power of Prym!

Product details:

- Handles set for felting needles for needle felting from the prym.ergonomics series
- Ergonomically-shaped handle made of white plastic
- Suitable for felting needles that are 78 to 90 mm long
- Combined 7-slot needle holder for flat felting, 1-slot needle holder for felting detail work

- Colour: Dark Violet, White
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 1 set
- Size: 69 x 44 mm