Prym - Children's Scissors

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Spark Creativity Safely: The Perfect First Cut!

Looking to ignite your child's imagination? Look no further than the Prym for Kids Scissors - the safe and colourful way to introduce them to the wonderful world of crafting and sewing!

Designed for Little Hands (Ages 4+):

- Safety First: Featuring rounded points and especially ground blades, these scissors will only cut fabric and paper, keeping little fingers safe.
- No Pressure Pinch: The soft inner ring eliminates pressure while cutting, preventing discomfort.
- Comfy Grip: The sturdy plastic handles ensure a secure and comfortable hold for small hands.

A World of Creative Possibilities:

- Cut with Confidence: Help your child confidently explore their creativity with these kid-friendly scissors.
- Sewing Made Fun: These scissors are perfect for taking those first steps into sewing, allowing them to help with simple projects.
- Endless Crafting Adventures: From paper cutting to crafting masterpieces, these scissors open doors to a world of imaginative play.

The Prym for Kids Scissors are the perfect gift to nurture your child's creativity and introduce them to the joy of crafting safely!

Product details:

- Children's scissors in orange/red
- Rounded points with a specially ground-cutting edge
- Blades made of rust-proof stainless steel
- Sturdy plastic handle with soft inner ring

- Colour: Red, Orange
- Sales unit: Card
- Quantity1 pair
- Size: 13 cm