Prym - Tapestry and Chenille Needles

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Effortless Embroidery on Coarse Fabrics: Prym's Essential Needle Kit

Bring your bold embroidery visions to life with Prym's convenient needle set! Featuring 8 high-quality needles (sizes 18-22) with both sharp and blunt points, you'll have the perfect tool for any coarse fabric.

What makes them special:

Tackle any texture: Sharp points pierce dense materials effortlessly, while blunt points glide gently through thicker yarns.
Built to last: Crafted from hardened steel, these needles offer superior strength and flexibility for smooth stitching.
Effortless threading: Experience zero frustration with the included classic aluminium threader featuring a durable spring-steel design.
Burr-free perfection: Each needle boasts a smooth, burr-free eye for easy thread glide and snag-free stitching.
Balanced spring stiffness: Ensures precise control and effortless penetration, even through challenging fabrics.

This versatile assortment is your secret weapon for:
- Heavy wool embroideries
- Thick linen projects
- Textured fabric embellishments
- And more!

Start stitching with confidence and unlock your embroidery potential with Prym's essential needle kit!

Product details:

- Needle assortment with 16 embroidery needles No. 18-22
- 8 needles with sharp point and 8 needles with blunt point
- Needles made of hardened, rust-free steel
- Aluminium and spring steel threaders

- Colour: Silver
- Unit: Card
- Quantity: 16 pieces Dimensionsno. 18-22